System Planning and Technical Studies

Experience our combination of expertise in transmission, distribution, generation interconnection, and the energy business via our technical studies. We have performed numerous system planning studies for our clients including:

"Pre-feasibility" Generation Injection Analysis

These studies identify the generation injection potential (in MW) at client-specified locations using power flow cases modified to the Client's needs, and KRSA proprietary software.

This is an excellent screening tool to assist in the preliminary selection of interconnection point(s) (POIs) without the rigors of filing and waiting for a Feasibility/Informational Study from the utility, and has the added benefit of screening more than one POI per study. They are fully customizable with localized generation queue, retirements, planned transmission upgrades, or any miscellaneous possibilities the client wants to consider.

Bulk POI "Heat Map" Analysis

A modification of the above 'pre-feasibility' study, these studies are most beneficial when the client wants to target a vast region like an entire state or utility to determine the best area to target for further investigation and procurement.

The primary deliverable is a map with injection values displayed in color-coordianted ranges in mega-watts. These studies generally involve less case modification than the per-POI 'pre-feasibility' studies.

System Loss Studies

System loss studies can include as much or as little of a system as desired, ranging from residential service to EHV tranmission levels. These studies analyze losses of key components on each part of the system, such as transmission and distribution lines and transformers at any and all voltages, regulators, and protective devices. Smaller voltage feeder models may be approximated. Some utilities use the results from these studies to verify totals from their accounting department.

System Impact Studies

System Impact Studies ("SIS") are the primary study performed when a developer wants to add a Large Generator Interconnection to the grid. KRSA has experience performing the various analyses required to complete an SIS from start to finish, based on the interconnecting utility's or RTO's standard practices and criteria.

System Reliability Study

Reliability studies determine impacts to voltage and thermal loading on grid elements when one or more elements are taken out of service (due to a fault or servicing). Based on the results, engineers can then suggest technical solutions to voltage and thermal violations, and assist in an implementation plan and timeline.

EMF Study

Electromagnetic Field strength studies are gaining popularity as the world becomes more health-conscious. This study involves a handheld industrial measuring instrument and physical travel to a remote site (substation or powerline) to measure its 3-axis EMF radiation. The results are then compared to household appliance exposure and peer-reviewed health research on the subject.