Resource Planning Services

The KRSA team bring backgrounds in economics and finance to industry clients. KRSA represents some of the first utilities in Arizona to take transmission service under OATT provisions. KRSA services in resource planning include:


KRSA schedules over 500MW of power in Arizona for several clients. We offer innovative solutions to create power pooling in Arizona for many of our clients. KRSA provides annual, seasonal, monthly, and daily scheduling of electric resources including federal hydroelectric projects and other contractual resources.

Integrated Resource Plans

KRSA offers consulting and support for Integrated Resource Plans (IRP), conservation and renewable energy programs, energy information agency compliance, evaluation of long-term and short-term power supply alternatives, demand-side planning, and special resource pooling and resource integration arrangements.

Open Access Transmission Tariff Service and Support

KRSA offers comments on FERC Order 888 rulemaking and expert testimony and analysis of FERC Open Access Transmission Tariff (OATT) filings of Arizona Utilities. KRSA provides OATT economic and unbundling analysis (versus existing arrangements) and has assisted numerous clients in evaluating options of OATT service including Network Service Applications, Point-To-Point Service Applications, Good Faith Requests, Direct Assignment Facility cost analysis and FERC Order 889 issues. K.R. Saline & Associates represents several of the first utilities in Arizona to take transmission service under OATT provisions.

Resource and Transmission Contracting

Resource and transmission contracting services include preparation and analysis of Open Access Transmission Tariff (OATT) applications, Available Transmission Capacity (ATC) and Total Transmission Capacity (TTC) analysis, contract negotiations, administration, and regulatory compliance.