Transmission System Services

KRSA staff has extensive experience in the planning, coordination and analysis of transmission system. KRSA transmission planners have access to transmission models for the entire nation and utilize Siemens PSS/E and GE PSLF to analyze system impacts. We have performed numerous transmission planning studies for our clients including:

OATT Generator Interconnection Analysis

New generator interconnection requests need to be studied to determine the impact on reliability to the existing system. KRSA can provide various generator interconnection analyses to ensure the system remains reliable after a change. See here and here for more details.

Load Growth System Improvement Analysis

As global load growth or new spot loads are integrated into a utility's system, reliability concerns can arise. KRSA can develop cost-effective options for adapting to these continual changes to maintain system reliability.

NERC Transmission Planning Compliance

Compliance with the TPL standards is not optional. KRSA can provide technical study work to identify measures to ensure current and future compliance with NERC TPL standards.

Generator Location Optimization Analysis

Certain locations on the grid are more prone to problems if new generation or load is developed. KRSA can provide high-level assessments to determine the best locations for generator, load, and (battery) energy storage interconnections.

NERC MOD-029 TTC / ATC Research

Total Transfer Capacity (TTC) and Available Transfer Capacity (ATC) determine the contract capacity which can be sold to transmission users. KRSA can perform TTC/ATC research in support of compliance with these standards (MOD-029).

Steady State Load Flow Analysis

KRSA can provide steady-state (DC) load flow contingency analysis to determine the impacts of outages on transmission system reliability.

Transient Stability Analysis

KRSA can provide transient stability contingency analysis to determine the impacts of outages on transmission system reliability. This is a component of the NERC TPL standards and System Impact Study analysis practices.

Transient Expansion Analysis

Tired of fearing those rolling brown-outs? Whether for reliability, load growth or new generation needs, KRSA can develop, analyze and recommend technical options for transmission system expansion and reliabiltiy assurance.