Generator Interconnection Services

Energy developers can rely on our understanding of all phases of the generator development process and our excellent relationships with local and federal transmission providers and utilities. KRSA is actively involved in the regional transmission planning arena with Western Electricity Coordinating Council (WECC), while also being well-versed in regions such as MISO, PJM, and SPP.

We monitor transmission corridor planning by governmental and non governmental agencies, federal and state initiatives, and policy issues of interest to the renewable energy industry. Our knowledge of existing, planned, and conceptual transmission lines, corridor planning, and renewable energy policy enables us to provide individual, customized assessment of feasibility for a given renewable energy project. Major interconnection services include:

Site Selection

KRSA offers a flexible range of consulting services for identifying optimal sites to develop new power plants. This process is driven by engineers and geospatial analysts that result in a product delivered in a format that can easily be understood by clients, decision-makers, and executives. Analysis considerations include resource assessment, existing electric infrastructure, competition/queue integration, existing load, topography, and previous study review.

Read more about mapping, geographic analysis, and GIS services here, and more about Technical Studies here.

RFP Response

Our expertise in system engineering, GIS, and power marketing make KRSA an ideal partner for energy developers submitting a Request For Proposal (RFP) response for a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) bid.

KRSA is able to offer writing services, maps, flow analysis, technical information, and more to demonstrate due diligence to prospective power purchasers. KRSA is here to help you streamline your submission to utilities and power purchasers.

Large Generator Interconnection Application (LGIA/IX) Filing

KRSA has filed countless interconnection applications with transmission providers across the country for many types of generators including Wind, Solar PV, standalone Storage, and Hybrid facilities. Our streamlined process ensures minimal complications with the interconnecting entity and fast turnaround.

Products commonly delivered are configured power flow and dynamics data, simple oneline diagrams, a filled LGIP document, and any technical datasheets the provider requires. Realistic assumptions are made about distances, transformers, line and collector characteristics, etc., if not provided.