Rate Studies & Finance

KRSA staff has extensive experience in assisting developers, utilities, and municipalities in their utility planning and budgeting. KRSA has accumulated numerous hours before state and federal commissions, city councils, and the general public presenting on utility economics and rate design issues.

Open Access Tariff Development and Unbundled Transmission Rate Study

KRSA is experienced in the development of unbundled open access transmission rate analysis, the development of rates for ancillary services and the development of an open access tariff for public utilities and transmission operators.

Utility Budgeting and Financing

KRSA has assisted public and municipal utilities in the development of their annual operating budgets and capital plans. KRSA has been instrumental in procuring financing for mid-sized utilities, helping utilities raise over 700 million dollars in financing.

Retail Cost of Service and Rate Design

KRSA can assist with the development of a utilities Electric, Gas, Water, and Wastewater revenue requirements and prepare a cost-of-service study. KRSA has extensive experience in retail, stand-by, time-of-use, net metering, and economic incentive rate design.

Project Feasibility and Rate Analysis

KRSA has assisted developers, municipalities, and utilities through the evaluation of project economics and utility rate impacts. KRSA can provided utility rate estimates and comparative utility pricing models to assist in planning. KRSA has also developed solar feasibility models to evaluate project savings potential.

Expert Testimony

KRSA has provided expert testimony at the state commissions in utility rate and CC&N filings. KRSA has also provided expert testimony before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission on transmission related issues.

Regulatory Filing

KRSA can assist in the preparation and filing of required documentation before the Arizona Corporation Commission.