Distribution Power Line Services

KRSA professional engineers have extensive experience in the design, analysis, and optimal operation of distribution systems. KRSA engineers have performed capacitor reviews for clients that resulted in real savings in reduced losses. Common distribution services include:

Connecting Distributed Generation

KRSA has guided many developers through the process of designing applications to connect new generation to the utility distribution system. Engineers are available to support data requirements for the application forms, prepare feasibility studies, and perform system impact studies.

Outage Analysis

Recurring or extended power outage issues can result in big expenses for utilities. Engineers review feeder capacity and ties to neighboring feeders. Resolutions may include adding reclosers or sectionalizers. Engineers also review fuse protection coordination with reclosers and breakers.

High System Loss Analysis

High system losses may be caused by large loads fed by small wires. High system losses may also be related to low feeder power factor. System losses can be reduced by improving feeder power factor.

Low Voltage Area Analysis

Low voltage area solutions may include changing out small wires or large conductors, by adding or balancing phases, or by applying shunt capacitors to improve the power factor.

Power Factor Correction Capacitor Bank Application

Distribution system losses can be reduced by properly sizing and locating fixed and switched capacitor banks on the distribution system. KRSA can review the existing capacitor banks and controls and provide recommendations.

Application of Voltage Regulation

Finding the optimal location for a single voltage regulator or a bank of three with all new settings. Support with designing the voltage profile and coordinating with capacitor bank controls.

Backup Switching Plan Design

KRSA can model and analyze the performance of backup feeders. These are the second option for restoring service when a customer's primary feeder is unavailable. Verifying that voltage will remain within acceptable limits under all loading scenarios is the desired result.